Bloody Spice is extremely versatile. Just as at home devilling your dinner as your drinks. A hit of Bloody Spice lifts most savoury dishes.


Bloody Burgers


The best burger who are ever likely to wrap your jaws around. Take 250g of minced beef (ask for flank & blade if you are in butcher), mix with two sachets (2 tbs) of Bloody Spice, two tablespoons of sundried tomato paste and 1 tbs of fine oatmeal. Mix together and form into two large patties. Dust with flour and place in the fridge to relax and set for at least one hour. Fire up the BBQ, pour yourself a Little Devil BM and when the flames have died down get grilling!


Welsh Rarebit


Posh Toasted Cheese to you and me. Bloody Spice makes a fantastic rarebit. Grate some extra mature cheddar (my vote is for Keens or Montgomerys) add Bloody Spice and beat into a paste using a utensil of your choice. Using the grill, toast slices of wholegrain bread on one side, spread the spicy cheesy paste onto the untoasted side and pop back in until the cheese is bubbling. Serve with a mixed leaf salad and a Little Devil Bloody Mary.


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