The Bloody Mary:The Ultimate All-Day Cocktail


The first ever Bloody Mary was mixed in 1921 by Fernand Petiot of Harry’s Bar in Paris. Over the years his mix of vodka, tomato juice, worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper has evolved into one of the world’s most widely drunk cocktails. The ultimate hangover cure and brunch essential, the Bloody Mary has become the quintessential daytime cocktail. To make a Little Devil Bloody Mary just add one pack (or one tablespoon) of Bloody Spice to 200ml of chilled tomato juice and 35ml of vodka. Garnish with celery, lime, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.


The Virgin Mary


For the teetotal and under-age, this is the vodka-free version of the Bloody Mary (otherwise known as a Bloody Shame!). Little Devil has one before his run every morning - and he is as fit as a butcher's dog. Simply mix one pack (1 tablespoon) of Bloody Spice with iced tomato juice and a squeeze of lime.


The Bloody Bishop

Popular with priests, to make this Bloody Mary variant simply add an eclesiastical dash of Medium-Dry Sherry to the classic Bloody Mary.  Great both before or after Church!


Another non-alcoholic cocktail or mocktail - this drink is served all over mexico as a chaser for tequila.  Mix one pack of Bloody Spice with 75ml of grapefruit juice, 75ml of tomato juice and the juice of one lime.  Serve in a shot glass with a shot tequila, take a sip of the tequila chased by a sip of the sangrita. And repeat!

The Bloody Maria

A tequila Bloody Mary.  Fresh, Peppery & Refreshing.Same drill as making a Bloody Mary but swap the vodka with silver (not reposado) tequila and add a couple of extra squeezes of fresh lime.


The Bloody Geisha

From the land of the rising sun the Bloody Geisha is  a fresh fusion take on the Bloody Mary - mix Tomato Juice with Bloody Spice, 50ml of Sake, a slice of fresh ginger and add wasabi to taste.  

Little Devil Shooters

Shooters guaranteed to set your night on fire.  To make a Mexican Devil simply pour one sachet of Little Devil into a shot glass and top up with tequila.  To make a Russian Devil simply substitute the tequila with vodka.

Little Devil Micheladas

Little Devil makes a sublime Michelada.  This spicy drink is an institution in Mexico, word of which is rapidly spreading across the world.  To make a Little Devil Michelada mix one sachet of Little Devil with an ice-cold bottle of Mexican beer, the juice of half a lime and a few ice cubes.


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