Little Devil was first sighted in England, near the small seaside town of Hastings, in the late spring of 2010. From Hastings He headed to the capital where sightings became increasingly frequent. Soon word of His coming spread across the country and beyond.


Little Devil brought with Him the original all-in-one devilling essence. He is now on a mission to bring about a Bloody Mary revolution. No longer must the world suffer mediocre and insipid versions of His favoutite tipple. Whether relaxing at home, flying at 20,000 feet, bowling along on train, cruising in the Caribbean, cosying up in a pub, or lording it up at a posh bar - nowhere need be without Hell's Finest Bloody Mary.


Join His revolution and you'll soon discover He's an agreeable fellow, great for brunch and wonderful company after a night out - a little bit naughty but wonderfully spiced.


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