To make life easy Little Devil has persuaded the goblins to pack Bloody Spice into dinky single servings. Each one contains one tablespoon of devilling essence - just the right amount for the perfect Bloody Mary. The stickpacks are packed into stylish card barrels that can sit proudly on the smartest of bars or drinks cabinets. Currently Little Devil packs barrels containing both twenty-four and eight servings. Those who love a bottle will be pleased to know that a rather splendid 150ml Limited Edition Glass Bottle is coming very soon.


Mess-Free Easy Opening

Grip the pack tightly between the thumb and forefinger of your weaker hand (with your thumb over "Little Devil". Hold vertically, allowing the essence to drain to the bottom of the pack. With your other hand grip the top of the pack and tear across where it is marked "tear here". Little Devil has magically lasered an invisible tear-line here, so it is as easy as pie!


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